Kazumoto Yamasaki



山﨑 一元

ULTRA Si Ltd. (Owner /Creative lead)

Born in 1970, Osaka Japan. Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design (Dept. of Art engineering). With the motto of "A Comfortable Society Envisioned with Sensitivity" he is mainly involved in product design development and corporate branding for manufacturers. In 2000, at the beginning of the New Millennium, he moved to Italy for a fresh start, where he experienced collaboration with world-renowned companies that value “DESIGN”. In order to respond to the diversity of user segments in the European market, he worked to reform his self-awareness, expand his abilities for visual expression, and further refined his 3D styling skills in product development.

2010-Present ULTRA Si Ltd. (Owner)
2000-2010 Yamasaki Design Office (Owner)
2007-2010 Giovannoni Design (Senior designer)
2003-2004 Sebastian Bergne Ltd. (CAD Sculptor)



Yamasaki Design Office(2000〜2010)

Design firm which he has established in Europe. Design consulting for manufacturers as well as collaborations with other local design firms. The field of projects included home appliances, housing equipment, industrial machinery, and accessory equipment. At the end of the permanent, he was able to collaborate with an Italian designer, which he had longed for. It was a big challenge and fortunately was a nice experience living in opposite pole of the world.


ULTRA Si Ltd. 2010〜present

Design firm with expertise in manufacturing, accumulated through various fields and domains. “DESIGN=LIFE" We support our clients with a deep interest and insight into people's lives until your vision become as attractive products. We have a reputation for our ability to reframe and improve the situation by reconstructing systems, and for proposing innovative ideas that leap forward and create a new style that has never existed before.


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